pielleitalia supports internationally leading customers in the creation of sustainable on-bespoke collections of uniforms and merchandising, with the aim of pursuing models of sustainability and circular economy capable of reducing their environmental impact

additional values to you

product & quality management subject matter

End-to-end global textile industry value chain knowledge

25+ years of international business experience

global network of brand development partners

Italian creativity and brand design capabilities

Made in Italy leverage credential

IT & Logistics solutions-ready

EMAS and ISO 14001 certifications since 2004

Sister Company

pielleswiss is the sister company based in Neuchâtel that promotes and develops circular business models and solutions, aimed at employing innovative technologies to transform end-of-life materials into new resources

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Our brand

pielleitalia is the owner of Stjx, an exclusive brand of unconventional limited editions made in Italy.

Stjx combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create unique items that amaze and delight.

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Guided by a high social and environmental awareness, we grow and learn every day, putting our experience at your service