we are certified

sustainability at the core of who we are 

pielleitalia has been sustainable since 2004 and is EMAS and ISO 14001 certified.

sustainability in detail

a circular business model for textiles

we are committed to not only taking care of the design, production and distribution, but also the end-of-life phase of the sustainable products we make.

  • eco-design

    we design entire collections of items, based on your requirements and customised with your logo, applying eco-design principles right from the start

  • material selection

    we carefully select the best materials to make products and ensure that all fabrics and accessories we use are sustainable and certified

  • responsible making & distribution

    we manufacture products close to you with our established network of trusted manufacturers, thereby optimising logistics, transport and reducing the impact of production

  • usage

    pielleitalia's high-quality products are intended to be used as much as possible, until the end of their life cycle, season or event, but should never be thrown away!

  • collection & end-of-life

    return your post-consumer products to us and we will help you manage their end-of-life phase

  • new life from recycling or reuse|relove

    we can help you recycle materials or apply the principles of reuse|love

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Four very special Shopper Bags from old banners

Did you know that these shopper bags had a previous life?

In fact, they were old Solar Impulse banners from previous events that received a new look by being transformed into practical shopper bags so they can be reused and reloved

Solar Impulse Collection

supporter sponsor for Italy Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The sustainable collection made by pielleitalia combines sustainability, quality, and beauty

the collection