pielleitalia is an innovative company that has always been actively involved in high-tech and innovative textiles


A process that transforms used plastic bottles into new apparel

pielleitalia started as a partner during the Solarimpulse project and in November 2020 our “RE-PET INTO APPAREL" solution became one of the #1000solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation

  • 1. Indesproject

    a project by the Lombardia Region, of which pielleitalia was the head of project

  • 2. TIIWS

    FP7-SME-2010-1 European project, of which pielleitalia was the project promoter


    project by the Ministry of  Environment which deals with carbon footprint analysis related to life cycle of consumer goods

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    a project by Unioncamere Lombardia and Lombardia Region, Circularity for Health, blends the concepts of Recycling, Industry 4.0 & Health.

    It focuses on post consumer textile recycling and its adaptation to the additive manufacturing technology with the aim to turn textile again into plastic, creating a brand new product by also acquiring an antibacterial functionality

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sister company

pielleswiss is innovation

pielleswiss is the sister company based in Neuchâtel that promotes and develops circular business models and solutions, aimed at employing innovative technologies to transform end-of-life materials into new resources

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