Recyling Towards Sustainability Conference and Exhibition 2024 in Doha

 - 2024

Last week our CEO Giuseppe Pezzini was invited by the Ministry of Municipality to speak at the 4th edition of the Recyling Towards Sustainability Conference and Exhibition 2024 in Doha, Qatar.

An initiative aimed at bringing together government institutions, private sector companies, and international organizations to share their experiences and expertise on the most recent technologies in waste management and treatment. 🔄🚮

Giuseppe presented pielleitalia’s view on the development of circular economy models and technological innovation in the field of plastics and textiles, two highly interconnected sectors. ♻️👕🌍

Thank you to the organisers for this very interesting opportunity to share pielleitalia’s journey and perspective and learn more from others’ realities and insights on sustainability.

Some of the key points discussed included:
👉 The textile&plastic waste and the role of the private sector
👉 Textile waste as new available nourishment for the industry
👉 Turning textile & plastic waste into secondary raw material for new products
👉 The reverse logistics - a sustainable new business opportunity
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